Saturday, April 28, 2012

its all about singtel. :)

yeyy ! i work fer this company fer almost a month.
seriously,its freaking tired working here.
seat on the chair and force to face the screen.
my eyes and shoulder are too lame everytime i back from work.
well,next week we'll have our mock call part 1.
i feel quiet nervous and worry.
hopefully i can go through easily.
this is my id card. burok ! :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

1st day working.

well,currently im working with sudong.
you can goole what is sudong.
im under mobile department.
people under my department are the luckiest one,we earn money lots !
so today is my 1st working day.
frankly speaking, im too tired as this is my 1st time working.
common questions when i met new friends !
oke laah,i answered those common questions.
these are currently mine.
so,will update more later ! :)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

kucing dibawa lari ?

hello people ! yesterday,a little boy cam to my house and give me a piece of paper. paper ape eh ? hah ! ini diaaaaaa....

well,im not a cats lover instead,im very very very very afraid towards cats.
yeah,our Prophet love cats too much but i dont why i cant.
i admit it,i hate cats BUT ! i hate it when people pukul,bunuh and whasoever towards cats.
kucing tu ciptaan Tuhan juga kan ?
so why we have to scold them cruelly ?
kat youtube,tv,papers, da byk da cerita pasal kucing didera,kucing dibunuh..
hey people ! where are your humanity ?
haishh,tak tau la nak cakap camne dgn perangai manusia skang nih.

to the kids yg kehilangan kucing,i hope u'll find it.
kucing parsi,of course mahal.
keep on searching for it.will ya?
once i see it,i'll definitely tell you.
till then,bye.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

antara sedih dan gembira.

yes ! i admit it,perasaan sedih still ade sebab da berjauhan dgn kawan2.
byk sgt kenangan kami bersama.
i realized one thing, sejak sem 3, hubungan aku dgn kawan2 aku semakin rapat.
they are really kind,tak kira lah siapa pun.
like seriuosly,they taught me many things in this life.
they are my family in terengganu as i've no one there.
one day,tiba lah hari perpisahan kami where my parents came to fetch me.
itu lah suasana paling sedih sbb every of us knew that kami tak akan berjumpa till our graduation day.
sedih dan memilukan.
hati bagai dihiris.
itulah perasaan aku.
the most important thing is,korang kena ingat yg i'll always love all of you,no matter what and where.
if im not mistaken,inilah gambar terakhir kami berama-ramai.
till we meet again my beloved friends. :')

yes ! im too happy !
soalan yg biasa ditanya.

      "eh izzan,kau dah keje ke?"

i've attended 3 interviews dan kesemua kerja aku dapat.
tapi ! only one i accepted.
guess what?
i'm accepted at SUDONG. :)
yeah,sudong ! 
sudong is actually singapore telecommunications.
it's similar to celcom and maxis and the difference is singapore telecommunications is for singaporians.
all i hve to do is, entertain the singaporians who have problem with their broadband, simcard,mobile tv and many more.
the basic is slightly higher that what i expected for.
how much ? let it be the secret one. haha
for those who have been worked for this company, diorg tau lah betapa syiokkk nye kerja kat sini.
so,i'll report myself on 26th march 2012.
wish me luck people ! :)

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

miss bff. (:

hello ! 
hari ni tak tahu kenapa nak cakap pasal bff aka bestfriend forever.
during my school time,ade la beberapa kawan karib.
but when we enter university life,everything changed.
ade la sorang kawan aku palng rapat tu,bila dia masuk u je,terus lupa aku.
sampai hati kau lupa aku. :'(
but its oke,you're not the only one i've ever had.
aku ade budak ni.
dia akan ajak aku keluar everytime she's in melaka. 
here she is,nursyafika harun. (:

ni zaman jahiliah aku,blom pakai tudung tp skang alhamdulillah laaa. (:

when i entered university,ramai sgt aku jumpe.
till semester 3,aku rapat dgn dia ni.
dibandingkan dgn rakan2 yg lain,aku plg selesa neluahkan apa2 yg ada dalam hati aku kat dia.
though we had some misunderstood,we're still good.
yg aku bangga,die adalah satu2 nya kawan aku yg beragama Islam but she's not malay. (:
ini lah die,anak hamilin. :P

this was during our teaching practicum. (:

yg ni pulak antara org2 yg rapat dgn aku. (:

i love all of you.
by having you,my days are always beautiful.
thank you fer being too nice to me. (:

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


annual dinner 2012.
well,it was held at terengganu equestrian resort.
me was very happy eventhough agak tak puas hati dgn makanan yg terhidang.
so,let the pictures tell the stories ya ? 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TESL Family day 2012.

we had our TESL family day yesterday and i just don't know whether they really enjoyed it or not.
sorry everyone,im not a good one to handle this event,
i admit my weaknesses and im really sorry.
im a bad manager, seriously.
however, i really hope that my friends have enjoyed it.
for the morning session,we're at pantai teluk ketapang. ( i got sunburn ! )
at the afternoon,after the guys had their solat jumaat,we had our explorace.
and for those who found it boringly, we apologize for that ya.
at night,we had our barbecue.
well,that was our last family day here since this is our last semester.
let the pictures tell you more stories.