Saturday, June 18, 2011

my 2nd visit. (:

this is my 2nd time to taman tamadun Islam.act,i didn't plan to go 1st,i went there to accompany my friend,(amira bazilah@acu to see her sister.but when we were on our way to the taman tamadun,her sista text her.she said that she wanted to treat,we had fun's not easy when people wants to treat,me and mira enjoyed ourself there.

1stly,we walked at the monument park.let's the pictures tell the story.

after 2 hours walked at the park,we went for the river cruise.enjoy the pictures. !

and this is me with this "bongok" jacket. (aku nampak gemuk gila dgn jaket nihh.


AslamTaslim said...

best nye jalan2 :)

izzatie anuar said...

mesti la bestttt., :p