Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this is what we call 'entry tertunda'.
ahh,who cares ??
nak update jugak !!
on 23rd december,my team and me myself have played futsal for our FUTSAL TESL CUP.
we have 7 members including.
well,i love to do sukan lasak.
so,its COMPULSORY fer me to join them.
yeah,kami KALAH.
we got 4th place out of 6.
oke what ??
its okeyh,we've tried our best.
apa yg membanggakan,rakan2 kami dr team lain got 2nd place.
they're our batch.
so at least,tak nampak sgt kekalahan kami.kuikui
many pictures but i've chosen these. (:

our team name is PROPA 2.

combination of PROPA 1 and PROPA 2.

and this is me. PEACE.


neddy eiyrah said...

jelousnye korang dapat main...
rindu futsal with you teslians,
but pape pun i'm damn proud of you guys ! well played ♥

izzatie anuar said...

tak lah,ktorg main bese jepp.
proud of them,not us. haha