Sunday, May 8, 2011

i love ENGLISH CAMP. (:

lets immerse ourself in ENGLISH.!!!

okeyy,today is our 1st day for the TESL camp.this camp will end on 19th May.well,it's quite tiring but i still enjoy myself. early in the morning at 8am,we were asked to gather at Umar's block.we had some briefing about this camp. then,we got to know our group's members. hmm,for this semester,our group's name is AMYSTINIA which each of this letters present our members' nick names. A-aina,M-maz,Y-yana,S-sai,T-tykah,I-izzan,N-nad,I-ina,A-azrirni....okeyy,its little bit hard to pronounce our group's name but still,we love it.(: we have juniors yg sgt sweet, x byk ckp punn,diorg okeyy laaa...maz dgn azrini tuu agak gila2 cket.heeeee~ but i can get along wif them. hope that i can always get along with group's members now and then.(: untuk esok,kita usaha untuk dapatkan tmpat yg lebey baik okeyy??insyaAllah... okeyy,selamat maju jaya ya semua! ;)