Wednesday, June 15, 2011

kasut si sofea.

i've lost her shoes.act,at that time,my family and i are on our way to go back to malacca from seremban,we had our pit stop at,i just bring along my sister's shoes.and you know what,kasut die tu tertinggal kat kfc di rnr seremban, tak pasal2 aku kena ganti balik kasut die tu.dia tak minta pun kasut baru but i felt guilty b'cause it's all my,two days after that day,i brought her to jusco to buy her new shoes.kat jusco plak,kasut budak kecik pun da mahal.they are all rm30++.jalan punye jalan,tibe2 my sis tunjuk 1 kasut ni,warna biru gelap.she's very interested to that shoes.because of my budget was only around rm40,it's okay for me to buy that shoes.firthermore,it's only's reasonable for a kid's shoes.eventhough she got a new shoes,she's still remember her old shoes yang trtinggal kat kfc tu.but,im not feeling guilty anymore because I've bought her a new,this is the shoes,and her. (: i love you adek.

    this is her with her new shoes. i miss u adek.


Aqilah Abdullah said...

comey kasut tu..kak zazan, adik yg ni nak jgk!! :D

izzatie anuar said...

alaaaa,akak x ckup badget la,cmne ni??? :P

Aweyn said...

comel nye
lg comel dr kakak die. haha :P

izzatie anuar said...

eleyhh aweyn nihhh..kau saje je nak menafikan yg aku lg comel dr adek aku kannn. :P