Monday, June 20, 2011

me,as the teacher of SK teluk ketapang. (:

today is my 1st day at SK Teluk Ketapang.well,i managed to handle the students even though they are very2 friends and i haven't get our class that we're going to teach yet but just for today,i have to replace 5 classes because the teacher have lots work to do. even though i just have to replace them,i'm very, I've to join the red crescent.on this week,the students will be having a camp at the school.might be, I've to join the camp. 

the students???huh! (double sigh) budak2 kat sana sgt lahh nakal. i've to be good in controlling them.don't be surprised if i say that one of them gave me his phone number.and one girl asked for a picture of me.hishhhh.budak2,mmg byk krenah.they made these things for me.ade byk lagi tp ni la yang plg okeyy.

yang wat aku bangga pasal sekolah nihh,diorg punye choral speaking dapat bertanding hingga ke peringkat negeri.dan,pertandingan doktor sains pun,mereka dapat ke peringkat negeri.hebat kann???

okeyy guys(macam la ramai sgt yg nak tgk blog aku),got to go. ! ngantok nihh.mau tido.byeeeeeeee~ ^_^