Saturday, July 2, 2011

larian 1 Malaysia. (:

2nd July 2011,7.45 am:

we had our "larian 1 Malaysia".

i'm tired to,let the pictures tell the story. (:

these pictures were taken before the students start to run programme.

these pictures were taken after they had their "larian".

these are the some of the cute students in my school.(:

this is cikgu tg adnan yg sedang khusyuk bg advise kat ktorg tp sempat je dia pndang camera phone aku. haha

this is a picture of three of us. ! 

and this is me. ! ;)

that's all. ! (:


Aweyn said...

abg minta izin copy gambar durian. hahahaha

izzatie anuar said...

baekkkk..silakan. (: