Tuesday, March 20, 2012

antara sedih dan gembira.

yes ! i admit it,perasaan sedih still ade sebab da berjauhan dgn kawan2.
byk sgt kenangan kami bersama.
i realized one thing, sejak sem 3, hubungan aku dgn kawan2 aku semakin rapat.
they are really kind,tak kira lah siapa pun.
like seriuosly,they taught me many things in this life.
they are my family in terengganu as i've no one there.
one day,tiba lah hari perpisahan kami where my parents came to fetch me.
itu lah suasana paling sedih sbb every of us knew that kami tak akan berjumpa till our graduation day.
sedih dan memilukan.
hati bagai dihiris.
itulah perasaan aku.
the most important thing is,korang kena ingat yg i'll always love all of you,no matter what and where.
if im not mistaken,inilah gambar terakhir kami berama-ramai.
till we meet again my beloved friends. :')

yes ! im too happy !
soalan yg biasa ditanya.

      "eh izzan,kau dah keje ke?"

i've attended 3 interviews dan kesemua kerja aku dapat.
tapi ! only one i accepted.
guess what?
i'm accepted at SUDONG. :)
yeah,sudong ! 
sudong is actually singapore telecommunications.
it's similar to celcom and maxis and the difference is singapore telecommunications is for singaporians.
all i hve to do is, entertain the singaporians who have problem with their broadband, simcard,mobile tv and many more.
the basic is slightly higher that what i expected for.
how much ? let it be the secret one. haha
for those who have been worked for this company, diorg tau lah betapa syiokkk nye kerja kat sini.
so,i'll report myself on 26th march 2012.
wish me luck people ! :)

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