Friday, March 23, 2012

kucing dibawa lari ?

hello people ! yesterday,a little boy cam to my house and give me a piece of paper. paper ape eh ? hah ! ini diaaaaaa....

well,im not a cats lover instead,im very very very very afraid towards cats.
yeah,our Prophet love cats too much but i dont why i cant.
i admit it,i hate cats BUT ! i hate it when people pukul,bunuh and whasoever towards cats.
kucing tu ciptaan Tuhan juga kan ?
so why we have to scold them cruelly ?
kat youtube,tv,papers, da byk da cerita pasal kucing didera,kucing dibunuh..
hey people ! where are your humanity ?
haishh,tak tau la nak cakap camne dgn perangai manusia skang nih.

to the kids yg kehilangan kucing,i hope u'll find it.
kucing parsi,of course mahal.
keep on searching for it.will ya?
once i see it,i'll definitely tell you.
till then,bye.